Keyboardplays is the place where you need to be if you are a fan of the video games for Windows. It’s a heavenly place for those who want:

  • to play the latest games on Windows PC;
  • to find out the information about the fresh titles on the market;
  • to read professional reviews about the best Windows games;
  • to stay in touch with the video games experts;
  • become a part of the vast gaming community.

Want even more? You’ll get it all with Keyboardplays!

  • The largest online catalog of video games for Windows PC.
  • Convenient categorization by genre and rate.
  • Trustworthy game reviews from experts.
  • Compilations of the latest and best video games.
  • System requirements for every game in the catalog.

So Keyboardplays.com is one of the largest platforms offering you to choose games from the online catalog and then play them on your Windows PC. We split the games into categories by genre and rate, so that it is easy for you to find the desired game among the hundreds of various titles.

Keyboardplays.com equip you with the walkthrough guides and tips to different games. You will find this kind of information in our in-depth reviews from video games experts. Read them to know more about the chosen game and to find out all the hidden tricks to the better gaming experience.

Every new gaming title on our site is supplied with the game system requirements. Read these paragraphs attentively to make sure that the game will run on your PC.

TOP-games compilations is another bright feature of our site. Learn about the best games in the categories like “Latest”, “Popular”, “Best in Specific Genre”, and so on. We constantly update our database to provide you with the games included in TOP-lists.

To collect the data on the latest games, provide you with high-quality game reviews, and help you sort out the things in video gaming, we built a team of video games experts and amateurs. And here we are, the people who look for the best gaming titles and create the concomitant content for you.

Tim Blake, CEO of Keyboardplays

“Hello, guys! I am a founder of Keyboardplays.com. I created this site having your gaming needs in mind. So have a good time here and enjoy the play!”

Ronald McKenzie, CTO of Keyboardplays

“Being an addicted player of video games, I couldn’t refuse Tim’s propose to create a site satisfying Windows PC players needs. So here we are, helping you enjoy your playing time entirely. Get your hands at your keyboards and check the best of the gaming novelties with Keyboardplays.”

Anna Rockwell, Web-copywriter in Keyboardplays

“Playing games and writing about them? Work of the dream, you may say. And I will agree with you! Thank goodness, I obtain this job. So I can professionally do what I really like!”

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