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Atomega Review: Online Shooter At The End Of The Universe

Atomega is a challenging yet fascinating multiplayer game. In the game, you start as a little organism with only goal: to grow as fast as you can, while eliminating your rivals at the same time. Download Atomega now and you’re guaranteed hours of fun experience with your friends or random players around the world.

Atomega Gameplay: 5/5

The idea that stands behind Atomega is amazing. When you’re small, the world around you is dangerous and can destroy you in a second. To become bigger, you have to sneak through underground channels and collect mass-cubes. As you grow, you now represent a threat by yourself, and you can eliminate other players and collect their mass. That hidden world of underground tunnels essentially disappears, and you get more and more exposed. Players keep balance in the game by killing each other and not allowing someone to grow big enough. If you somehow managed to break this balance, you’re becoming the Omega, and there’s nothing good about it for others.

Atomega Graphics: 4.5/5

It’s hard to say that graphics are realistic in bounds of this Atomega review. The whole futuristic structures with blocky organisms are made in a more cartoony style. However, that can’t be called a bad thing. The game is beautiful. Lighting effects are amazing, and once you raise your head and look to the sky, you’ll feel yourself deep in the lonely and dead space. Animations are also smooth and whenever someone disintegrates to the mass-blocks you receive an aesthetic pleasure.

Atomega Sounds: 4.5/5

The main soundtrack resembles something straight from the 80s with elements of sci-fi. It feels very natural in the game, and after some time you’ll notice that it’s actually looped. Other sounds that you will hear are either the laser sounds, or the impact sounds that you make by stepping on the ground. However, you’ll hear your steps only when you reach the third evolutionary form, as your mass gets pretty big by that time.

Controls: 5/5

Controls are convenient for this game. You get the basic moving and shooting schemes that you would expect from other top-notch first-person shooters. As you’re small, it’s easy to move, jump and sneak around the map. As you get bigger though, you’ll find that you don’t have that privilege anymore. Your only option now is to kill others and gather their resources before they’ll do the same. It’s nice to think of how much attention developers have dedicated to controls here.

Replay Value: 3/5

Replay value is not very high in this game. Most likely you’ll enjoy the game for the first couple of hours or even days, but lack of storyline and singleplayer mode make it boring really fast. You can occasionally compete with your friends here, but gameplay needs more interesting solutions and new concepts. Developers are still adding new stuff, so expectations are high that new sources of fun will eventually occur.

In Conclusion

Atomega has a funny and revolutionary idea behind it, but it still has where to grow. Beautiful structures and animations make the game more intriguing, but it definitely suffers from lack of content. The developers’ attitude to details though deserves a compliment.


If you want to play an unusual and captivating first-person shooter with your friends then download Atomega. Be aware though, that it’s still very raw and needs time to show its full potential..

Pros : Innovative gameplay concept;
Amazing futuristic graphics;
Challenging battles;
Intuitive controls.

Cons : Not enough content;
Gets boring quickly.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.4


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