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Ben and Ed Review: Perhaps the Best Zombie Platformer

Ben and Ed is a hilarious 3D platformer game by Sluggerfly game studio. In the game, you play as a zombie named Ed. His mission is to complete multiple bloody quests in the infernal show to save the life of his best friend, Ben. Zombie body allows you to experience unique gameplay mechanics. You can download Ben and Ed for Windows PC exclusively on Steam.

Ben and Ed Gameplay: 5/5

This game is based on traditional 3D platformers, such as Jak 2, Ratchet 2, and Super Mario Sunshine. Similarly to all these family adventures, Ben and Ed gameplay is based on the idea of a confrontation between good and evil. Things that make Ben and Ed unique are blood and dark humor.

Ed is a good zombie-guy whose friend Ben (a teenage boy) got imprisoned by hellish Hans Showmaster, the host of the Rundead show. The only way to save Ben’s life is to complete multiple running quests with blades, acid, lasers, huge hammers, fire, and other deadly stuff.

Though the situation is terrible, Ed doesn’t allow despair to break him. You can control him to run over terrific obstacles. As a zombie, he can lose limbs and continue running or crawling, or even rolling his head to win races. You can also throw the head to reach various hidden locations to return Ed’s limbs and continue running. If you pass 23 deadly tracks, you win Ben as a prize.

Ben and Ed Graphics: 4.5/5

Ben and Ed game is created with the Unreal Engine 4 technology. All levels are very detailed and present quality lighting and shading. Physics of Ed are very deliberate. This zombie runs like a professional sprinter. When he loses limbs, his running technique changes in order to keep balancing. Even when he loses legs, he keeps running on arms or crawling using his torso.

Ben and Ed Sounds: 5/5

Ben and Ed latest version includes great synthwave soundtrack that perfectly matches the gameplay. The energetic 80s-style tunes highlight humoristic elements of the game. These instrumental tracks are worthy enough for Ben and Ed EP.  

ontrols: 5/5

Controls in Ben and Ed platformer game are standard for 3D 3rd person games and perfectly match the genre. You have to use WASD for running and maneuvering, Space for jumping, C for sneaking, and a mouse to control the camera view and throw Ed’s head into targets.

Replay Value: 5/5

Ben and Ed full game walkthrough with secret levels takes about 2 hours. Though the game is rather short, you can replay levels to gain more points or try to complete the game without mistakes. You can also try to win 19 Steam achievements. It’s a kind of a game that you would like to complete several times.

In Conclusion

Ben and Ed is a unique humoristic platformer. It provides very challenging gameplay with unusual mechanics and responsive controls. There is no elaborate plot, but the story of a zombie sprinter guy and a teenage boy who adopted him is exceptionally charming. Together with excellent synthwave soundtrack, this game is an ultimate hit!


Download Ben and Ed to play one of the funniest platformers of all times and watch the most charming story of a boy and a zombie..

Pros : Fun story;
Unique gameplay mechanics;
Great synthwave soundtrack;
Fine Unreal Engine 4 graphics.

Cons : Some physical features are annoying;
No multiplayer.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9


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