Blood and Bacon

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Blood and Bacon Review: Blood, Gore, Minced Meat...

Blood and Bacon is an online PC based co-op FPS video game that focuses on killing pigs. In the game, you are on a small farm, shooting up the pigs and blowing them up with grenades because they have transformed into demon pigs, skeleton pigs, and armadillo-like pigs. It is an exceptionally easy game that you can play over and over. After killing the pig zombies, you can toss them into a grinder to receive various power-ups that will help further you in the game.

Every ten days there is a boss fight, and every so often there is even a “revenge day” which is incredibly fun and rewarding. If you fancy bloody or just downright odd games, then download Blood and Bacon today to enjoy this unique gaming experience. The game features lots of blood and gore. It consists of 101 levels. You can choose any character to play out of 8. Feb 1, 2016, is the official Blood and Bacon game release date. The latest Blood and Bacon update was introduced in 2018.

Blood and Bacon Gameplay 5/5

The Blood and Bacon gameplay is straightforward and fun. It’s easy to learn but challenging to stay in the game. Bonus points for the crazy humor and that charming playable female character. Seriously, what’s not to love about shooting rabid, zombie pigs and throwing their remains into a grinder… You will like the Blood and Bacon full game if you’re looking to try something new or just want to release tension after a long day at work.

Blood and Bacon Graphics 5/5

The visuals in the game look dated but charming at the same time. The AK-47 looks like something taken out of the 90s, but the game plays like a speedy, wild FPS. The visuals of this type were most likely intentionally created to add a humorous effect to the gameplay.

Blood and Bacon Sounds 4/5

The audio effects within the gameplay are decent. There are guns, voice acting and certain sounds that must be activated, along with one particular song that plays everytime a new day comes. The Blood and Bacon soundtrack is far from outstanding, but perhaps it’s just right if we take into account the concept of the game.

Controls 5/5

The controls are rather standard for your typical FPS game: WASD movement, mouse aiming, etc. The Blood and Bacon game controls are super ingenious, allowing everyone to play it with ease and absolute smoothness.

Replay Value 4/5

Generally speaking, the replay value of the game is average to below average. Blood and Bacon may be fun and unusual at first, but soon it may start boring you or become downright annoying. If you’re a die-hard fan of the game, you will naturally love getting back to it over and over again.

Cutting to the Chase

If you’re looking for a super fun game where you can just jump in, grab a gun, shoot and have fun with friends, Blood and Bacon is just perfect. No words can properly prepare you for this type of gaming experience. Blood and Bacon strikes the perfect balance of fun and stupid.


Blood and Bacon has great potential and somehow manages to succeed despite how it looks and sounds. We’d have said say the game is brilliant, but for that it would require a little bit of extra content and gameplay polish. In any case, if you liked this Blood and Bacon review, download the game today and try it yourself!.

Pros : 4 fun modes;
Character customization;
8 playable characters;
Fun, silly, entertaining gameplay.

Cons : Ingame bugs and glitches;
Features blood and gore;
Map is limited.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8


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