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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review: Started From The Classics, Now We’re Fresh

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a sequel of the legendary Call of Duty series. Black Ops is a breath of fresh air for Treyarch. Considering modern action game trends, the developers made Call of Duty: Black Ops game a multiplayer with no particular story. Yet, there are many different opinions about it. Read this Call of Duty: Black Ops review to decide if you’re ready for the new part of the well-known game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay: 3.5/5

The new part of Call of Duty is a classic shooter without newfangled options like running around the walls, or ridiculous jetpacks and stuffing the bodies of fighters with combat electronics. Local classes have special skills, but their number is limited to two skills with a large recoil in time.

The Black Ops starts with a character named Alex Mason. His hands and legs are strongly tied to a chair amid many types of equipment for torture and interrogation around him. Next thing you see are two people behind the glass with unpleasantly distorted voices are trying to knock the whole truth-womb out of this very character. Mason has a son named David, who misses his dead mother and is angry with his father because he constantly leaves for dangerous missions. After you learn these facts, everything goes devil only knows where. You meet Russians, then zombies, then you will be sent to raids to shoot the enemies as part of a squad.

In fact, this turns out to be a set of boring multiplayer battles with bots, in which we are forced to learn the basics of a multiplayer shooter. It will be useful only for those who have never played Call of Duty or any other shooters of recent years, so they can understand who to shoot and where to run.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Graphics: 5/5

Call of Duty: Black Ops is optimized for the PC, say both Activision and Treyarch. And yes, they’ve done a great job to please a requiring gamers eye.

The PC version of Black Ops supports 4K resolutions and works fluid and quite fast. The graphics of the game are high-quality as always as well as sharp and clear animations. Call of Duty always looks like a solid Hollywood movie, and every time the developers only confirm their skills to create a real blockbuster.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Sounds: 5/5

The sounds in Call of Duty are all truly unusual, whether it’s the sound of activating your favorite rifle, the sound of reloading, or something as common as chatting with your friends in a lobby. Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops is here, we appreciate also a great soundtrack collection.

Controls: 5/5

Call of Duty: Black Ops controls are exactly what you expect them to be. There are more almost 20 keys to shoot, run, jump, reload, and switch. To learn more about the controls, check the games official site for accurate info.

Replay Value: 5/5

I’ve already spent enough time with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and to say for sure, I will not switch to any other multiplayer shooter in the coming days. The new game has collected everything possible, but its quality has not been affected, and this is an excellent multiplayer action movie, which lacks only some clear plot.

In Conclusion

In general, Black Ops is really exciting. This is old same Call of Duty but upgraded with more useful and interesting stuff. Heroes are always breaking through somewhere, fighting, seeking and trying to survive. Graphics and sounds of the Black Ops are true gems to the game. Activision and Treyarch raised the quality slat of their games a long time ago and are not going to lower it.


I am a devoted Call of Duty fan from my school days when nobody even knew what multiplayer is. Now, when the series has changed dramatically, there is no plot, but there is a cool multiplayer. Is it better for Call of Duty? Yes, it definitely is! Call of Duty: Black Ops is something new for both fans and developers, and that’s why you should try it..

Pros : A well done Battle Royale mode;
Dozens of missions;
Cool and Hollywood-like visuals.

Cons : No concrete game plot.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.6


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