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Conan Exiles Review: Awesome Survival Game

Conan Exiles is an outstanding open-world survival game where your main task is to survive in the big cruel environment with its risks and dangers. You start the game absolutely naked. You must build a shelter, get yourself clothes, fight enemies and do your best not to die of thirst and/or hunger. The Conan Exiles game provides custom character creation and a multiplayer concept. This Conan Exiles Review is aimed at showing you the strong and weak sides of the game.

Even if you have little to none experience with the Conan universe, the gameplay and the atmosphere of the Conan Exiles game will definitely take your breath away. May 8, 2018, is the official Conan Exiles release date. If you look at the Conan Exiles update history, you will see that the dev team behind the game is constantly improving the game releasing more and more new updates. Conan Exiles is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Conan Exiles Gameplay 5/5

The overall gameplay is intuitive and immersive. Conan Exiles is an excellent game, something you can really sink your teeth in with good survival systems in place, a great deal of customization, open world map with multiplayer servers, NPC’s and home building. On the whole, if you like the survival/crafting/combat formula in a multiplayer context, Conan Exiles is your cup of tea.

Conan Exiles Graphics 5/5

The visuals in the Conan Exiles full game are so beautiful and realistic, that even grass will sway in the wind during gameplay. You definitely need an up to date graphics card to enjoy the overwhelming amount of animation. Use your high and ultra settings for the ultimate graphics quality.

Conan Exiles Sounds 5/5

Each Conan Exiles map boasts a totally unique soundtrack. The music is really nice and 100% appropriate for the game concept and the setting. Needless to say that the sound effects within the game are excellent and very realistic.

Controls 5/5

The controls of the game are straightforward and relatively easy to master. Practice playing Conan Exiles for some time, and you won’t have a single issue with the PC-based controls. That is, unless you’ve decided to download the Conan Exiles torrent version along with some serious viruses...

Replay Value 5/5

The Conan Exiles game features an enormous map and lots of things to do: crafting, building, killing. If you’re into the game because of the one of a kind sandbox experience, you will definitely discover endless replayability value within the gameplay.

Cutting to the Chase

If you fancy building, gathering, and crafting while having to protect yourself from a cruel environment, you should give Conan Exiles a decent try. The game is definitely worth your time and attention.


Conan Exiles has everything you would want from an epic survival game. It is an exciting game to enjoy with the right group of friends. We loved the building and exploring. The game is a true gem for survival fans. Download Conan Exiles and give this game a go today!.

Pros : Elaborate graphics;
Extensive map;
Easy-to-grasp fluid gameplay;
Great combat;
High replay value.

Cons : Occasional ingame bugs;
No drinking/eating animation.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0


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