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Counter-Strike Source Review: Awesome Update of a Timeless Classic

Counter-Strike: Source (often referred to as CSS) is the update (or rather a remake) of the timeless online team-play shootout, packed with action and filled with hundreds of game modes to play due to the really huge game community. The game is a clear example of what players want out of their action shooter games. November 1, 2004, is the Counter-Strike: Source release date for Windows. In June 2010 Counter-Strike: Source became available for Mac.

In Counter-Strike: Source, players deal with the same missions as in the original version of the game, so the essence and the main idea of the gameplay haven’t changed. With Counter-Strike: Source, however, Valve finally dropped the outdated Half-Life platform for their cutting edge then-newly created Source engine. Download the Counter-Strike: Source game to enjoy sophisticated visuals, improved audio effects and smoother gameplay.

Counter-Strike: Source Gameplay 5/5

Very little has been altered in the Counter-Strike: Source gameplay compared to the original CS. For example, this update focuses on the importance of headshots and allows experienced players to salvage a seemingly lost round. The classic team-oriented objective-fueled 1st-person shooter gaming experience that has initially stolen our hearts continues to take our breath away in Counter-Strike: Source.

Counter-Strike: Source Graphics 5/5

More responsive characters, superior AI and impeccable highly realistic graphics - now that’s where all the major changes within the Counter-Strike: Source game take place. The visual improvement from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to Source is truly awesome.

Counter-Strike: Source Sounds 5/5

Enhanced sound effects represent another important change within the Counter-Strike: Source gameplay. The updated audio effects blend with the fundamental game concept beautifully, boosting your gaming experience and performance.

Controls 5/5

The game boasts undisputedly solid controls. Just do your best not to download the Counter-Strike: Source torrent version, since it may disappoint you both in terms of controls and the gameplay quality in general.

Replay Value 5/5

With each game installment, Valve has done its best to extend the game’s replay value. Visual enhancements, multiple developer and community mods, weapon tweaks and a huge level of customization - these and many other enhancements make players constantly come back for more. In other words, just like almost every Counter-Strike: Source review states, the game never gets old.

Cutting to the Chase

The Counter-Strike: Source awesome update renews our fascination with the game, spoiling us with the improved AI, updated stellar graphics and enhanced sound effects.


While the gameplay fundamentals remain the same, Counter-Strike: Source is an even more immersive, realistic and captivating installment of a timeless classic, capable of stealing days of your life away..

Pros : Excellent graphics;
Fantastic multiplayer experience;
Immersive and realistic gameplay;
Never gets old;
Huge mod community.

Cons : CounterStrike: Source system requirements are higher than those of the CS 1.6;
Some players call the game monotonous due to the linear maps.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0


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