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Default Dan Review: Turn Your World Upside Down

Default Dan is a creative but not unique platform game by Kikiwik Games that takes the typical storyline and mechanics of your most usual Super Mario Bros.-like gameplay and turns it upside down. In the Default Dan game, coins cause you to explode, your foes are your friends, and what was dangerous is now very handy.

Jan 15, 2015, is the official Default Dan game release date on Steam. The update history of the game is exceptionally brief, but this doesn’t prevent it from bringing lots of fun and tons of fresh hilarious content to its fans. You can download Default Dan on PC as well as access it from your iOS or Android device. With this Default Dan review, we strive to help you get to know Dan and decide whether to give the guy a chance or not.

Default Dan Gameplay 4/5

The Default Dan gameplay focuses (naturally) on Dan who lives in a world that’s very different from ours. Everything you would keep yourself busy with in similar types of games you do the opposite here. For instance, falling through the floor and jumping on spikes is safe in the game, while collecting coins and hearts is dangerous. The gameplay concept is entertaining, but it does mess with your mind a little bit.

Default Dan Graphics 5/5

The graphics within the Default Dan full game are superb. Actually, they are perfect for a video game with this type of concept and gameplay. If you want your bright and colorful visuals to excel, do your best to avoid getting the Default Dan torrent version. It usually comes with lots of malware.

Default Dan Sounds 4/5

The sound effects within the Default Dan game are very decent. Of course, no one expects a brilliant soundtrack from a game of this kind. What we expect is a nice combination of sounds, visuals and overall concept. The team behind the Default Dan project seems to have pulled this off skillfully.

Controls 5/5

The controls in the Default Dan game are tight and smooth. You won’t even have to spend time memorizing tricky sequences to boost your performance. It’s all that easy and straightforward!

Replay Value 3/5

The replay value of Default Dan is average to below average. The thing is, performing the usual stuff in an upside down manner is tiresome and brain-wrecking. The only exception is if you have great company to pillage the game with.

Cutting to the Chase

If you approach the quirky Default Dan gameplay with a little bit of sense of humor, you may conclude that it’s like Super Mario Bros had a baby with Super Meat Boy, and the kid was brought up by an abusive granddad who only spoke backwards. Still, it can be super fun!


Wondering whether to purchase and download Default Dan or not? Well, now that you’ve read our review, it’s much easier for you to decide. Remember one thing: everything you’ve known before entering Dan’s world is wrong. That’s what the main idea of the game is centered around. If you’re looking for a fun and unusual game to play with friends, give Dan a chance. He’s anything but ‘default’..

Pros : Great graphics;
Top notch sounds;
Exciting gameplay;
Fun backwards concept;
Great to play with friends.

Cons : May become frustrating;
Messes with your mind.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3


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