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Far Cry review: A Classy Shooter of All Times

Far Cry is an original action shooter by Crytek studio, which undoubtedly raised the bar for the quality of game graphics, design, gameplay, storyline, and sound effects to a fundamentally new height. Follow this Far Cry review to learn more about the classy action shooter of all times.

Far Cry Gameplay: 5/5

The game takes you on the island in the Pacific. The seat of the trouble is a mad scientist, who runs a research station on this very island.  He creates hordes of mutants and super-soldiers, making a variety of experiments on them. Valerie, one of the main game characters, found out about this and hired Jack Carver to take her to this nightmarish place. Valerie and Jack are journalists, so their purpose is to make a report about what’s going on in this quiet place.

You play as Jack Carver. After your ship got under attack, you and Valerie have been washed ashore, but you wake up and realize she’s missing. From this time, you have to investigate surroundings, find your employer and fight the creatures hiding on the island.

Far Cry Graphics: 5/5

Far Cry was released in 2004, and at that time, no one expected to see high-quality visuals on their screens. The developers tried to uncover the possibilities of the first Far Cry engine as much as it was real for those years.

The grass kneads under the feet of the characters, the island is inhabited not only by enemies but also by birds and animals. Wooden barrels roll exactly as they should, flimsy buildings are damaged, crumbling after explosions and crashes.

Far Cry Sounds: 5/5

Far Cry developers have done an excellent job not only for graphics but also for sound effects of the game. You can hear everything that happens around your character. The branches crunch underfoot, the animal's roars in the distance, birds singing, even the ocean waves noise.  At night, the sounds are very different, you can hear the night predators, and the atmosphere becomes fearful.

Controls: 5/5

Far Cry game is controlled by more than 20 keyboard buttons along with a computer mouse. They are easy to memorize and use. They’re also customizable, so you can edit configurations to meet your needs.

Replay Value: 5/5

After all these years and new parts of the game released, Far Cry still gains popularity and attracts new fans every day. This is achieved due to the replete game plot, a variety of weapons to use, and sharp graphics. Even though the first Far Cry is already 15 years old, it doesn’t look outdated at all.

In Conclusion

Far Cry game is a stunning one in so many ways. Being one of the first action-genre shooters on the market, Far Cry did so much to raise the genre level to the highest. With its graphics, details, and sounds stuffing, Far Cry is an unattainable peak for lots of shooter games out there. Original plot, challenging gameplay, and visual accuracy are the success markers of the Far Cry for a long time.


As a result, we have the uniquely best 3D action game to date, which is characterized by excellent graphics, exciting gameplay, and impressive sound effects. I’m sure most of those reading the review have already tried the game. But if you’re still haven’t, download the Far Cry game and get captured with this stunning atmosphere..

Pros : Original plot;
Amazing gameplay;
Variety of equipment available.

Cons : Multiplayer mode needs to be upgraded.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0


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