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FATE Review: Feel The Retro Vibes And Beat Some Monsters

FATE game is a classic dungeon crawler, that was released in a far 2005. However, this game continues to attract new fans almost everyday. Do you want to know what makes it so good? Keep on reading this FATE review.

FATE Gameplay: 5/5

FATE game is like an old, dark and quite strange fairytale. It has monsters, labyrinths, good guys fighting with bad guys, and all of this is wrapped in old story.

The game starts with you choosing to play as a girl or a boy. You will go to a mysterious, strange city called Grove, located next to the Dungeon. The Dungeon consists of many labyrinths and buildings, and this place is probably more dangerous than Grove because here you meet monsters. There is nothing difficult in the fighting process though: you enter the dungeon, chop everyone on the way earning gold and experience. Sometimes you can teleport back to Grove to sell or buy something, but most of the time you'll be in the Dungeon.

Like I’ve said before, in the Dungeon you will meet enemies. There are a lot of enemies, and each of them has its own abilities and a certain resistance to your blows. After you kill a monster, you’ll get a certain amount of experience, which you can then use to boost up different abilities, and money to buy new swords and armor.

There are also cute pets in the shop, but they aren’t here just to please you with their fluffiness. The animal runs around with you and helps you in every way. It attacks the enemy or can be even sent to the city to exchange things as well as buy or sell goods.

FATE Graphics: 4/5

FATE game looks nice. The developers have done a great job with all the mazes and catacombs. It’s a full 3D. Monsters are also quite frightening even with no HD detailed textures. Considering the fact that the game was dropped in 2005, the visual fulfilling is a little outdated, but it only makes the game more charming.

FATE Sounds: 5/5

The sound effects of the FATE game are also fine. The narrator does not bother us with his replicas and speaks exactly when it’s needed. The music is pleasant and not distracting, so you can dip into the game process.

Controls: 5/5

Game controls are the most important part of the gameplay, and I think the FATE developers know it well. There’s a customizable key set, so you can create a suitable control scheme for yourself or go with the basics.

Replay Value: 4/5

Even though the FATE game is nice and makes you feel the retro game vibes, there are 49 levels to pass and 4 levels of difficulty to try. Unfortunately, it can get you bored soon. The game mechanics work the same on any level, and after completing 20 quite similar ones, you may not return to complete more.

In Conclusion

There is a popular theory that FATE game is a copycat of the quite popular at its time Diablo game. If you played the Diablo, it might remind you of the antecedent game, but if you never tried, it would seem like a completely new and original one. However, I think that FATE game is a completely independent project with cool visuals and fine gameplay.


Every game has its own pros and cons and only you can decide to try it or not. The overall impression of the FATE game makes me recommend it to you. This is a classic crawler game, that will charm you with its story and graphics and get you into the levels labyrinths for some time..

Pros : Classic slasher gameplay;
Nice retro graphics;
Four levels of difficulty to try.

Cons : Won’t capture you for a long time;
Unchanging game mechanics.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5


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