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Half-Life Review: Is The Game Half Alive?

Half-Life is an action genre game, released back in 1998. The famous professor Gordon Freeman fights against the evil that appeared as a result of a failed experiment. Immerse yourself more in the world of Half-Life with this Half-Life review.

Half-Life Gameplay: 5/5

The huge Black Mesa research complex is the center of a secret experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to study the phenomenon of teleportation. And here you are, directly involved in this venture as a leading specialist Gordon Freeman. But soon after the start of the experiment, an irreparable failure in the power system occurs.

Gordon Freeman survived, but everything changed and now there are new lions in the way. Because the uncontrolled teleports open portals to another dimension, creatures with obviously unfriendly intentions begin to fall through these passages into your world. Now, your main purpose is to preserve your existence. Gordon Freeman has to make his way through the hordes of dangerous beings to get out of this damned place.

Half-Life Graphics: 3.5/5

For 1998, such graphics were totally breathtaking, gorgeous, high-quality and realistic. But, for now, Half-Life looks primitive. No details, no textures, everything is smooth and moves quite glitchy. You will meet a couple of hundreds of monsters from the most innocent, to the evilest ones, however, they wouldn’t even scare you.

Half-Life Sounds: 5/5

The sound effects of the Half-Life game serve as a great addition to feel the atmosphere in its whole power. Since the visual part wouldn’t impress you that much, the tunes of the game are way scarier. You can hear your enemies run behind the wall as well as their voices. Furniture, doors, everything here causes sound and it dips you into the atmosphere even more.

Controls: 5/5

Like any other PC game, Half-Life uses keyboard and mouse to control the character. There are more than 10 keys and mouse buttons involved. You can use a basic controlling system, or edit control set in the Options section.

Replay Value: 3/5

Even though Half-Life is a classic shooter game, it has more weaknesses than advantages. I bet that you will endure no more than a day or two because of game graphics. Nowadays we’re used to beautiful and HD quality visuals, and even if the gameplay is cool, it is hard to continue play when you don’t like what you see on screen.

In Conclusion

This game has revolutionized the time when it was released. It was a unique product that forever sunk into the hearts of true fans of the genre. After experiencing all the adventures of Gordon Freeman, all his successes and failures, one cannot remain indifferent to this game. The developers did their best for creating a totally new, original shooter game, that quickly became a classy one.


Even though Half-Life is a basic game for its genre, I think the first part is outdated. There are two next Half-Life episodes, that can become your favorites soon. Anyway, if you just started playing action genre games, you should try the original Half-Life. This game is like a classy old Hollywood movie: not everyone has seen it, but everyone likes it..

Pros : Exciting gameplay;
Light system requirements;
Based on Stephen King’s “The Mist”.

Cons : Awful graphics;
Can be glitchy.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.1


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