Hybrid Animals

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Hybrid Animals Review: Crazy Cross-breeding Simulator

Hybrid Animals is a casual editor of species with elements of shooter and platformer created by FamishedMammal studio in 2016. In this weird game, you can experience creating crossbreeds of any animals from the huge updatable list. Want to play as a cub of a zebra and a shark? No problem! You can download Hybrid Animals for your Windows PC or any Android devices.

Hybrid Animals Gameplay: 4.5/5

Hybrid Animals gameplay offers you to take unlimited attempts to create new species. Some options are quite obvious. For example, you can interbreed a polar bear with a moose or a crab with a hippo. After some exploration of the library, you figure out that there is no logic at all. You can abuse laws of nature and create cubs of such sweet couples as human + fork, Viking + bat, cactus + dinosaur, cheeseburger + guitar, etc. After this, you can take all the outcomes and create mixed breeds of mutants. Every time you do it, a creature becomes less recognizable and more powerful.

You can finish selection anytime you want and enter the deathmatch mode to test the power of the new creature. On the arena, you have to use your mutant to kill as many hostile creatures as possible. AI or other online players may drive them. Every frag brings you experience points for raising the creature’s level and upgrading power. Your mutant may have special abilities like flash-throwing. However, there are multiple deadly guns scattered around maps.

Hybrid Animals Graphics: 3.5/5

Hybrid Animals game looks like an awkward version of Minecraft. All models of animals are made of parallelepipeds. The special algorithm combines its key features and powers to create a stronger species. This code takes 50% from the mother individual and mixes it with stats and appearance features of a father. The result is always unpredictable.

Hybrid Animals Sounds: 3.5/5

The soundscape of Hybrid Animals latest version is rather weak. You can hear only a simple soundtrack and sounds of character interactions with the environment. There is only one instrumental song that plays during the whole game.

Controls: 4.5/5

It is rather simple to play Hybrid Animals using a keyboard and a mouse as it’s an elementary 3rd person shooter. You have to use WASD for moving and a mouse for aiming. Hybrid Animals review of the Android version showed that the mobile layout doesn’t allow you to aim as fast as you do on PC.

Replay Value: 4/5

Hybrid Animals simulator game provides a nearly infinite number of possible breed combinations. You can create hundreds of different species to explore the abilities of the game’s engine. The deathmatch mode is not that exciting because of repetitive enemies and locations.

In Conclusion

Hybrid Animals is an excellent time killer. You can have fun creating multiple supernatural animals or playing quick deathmatches in the multiplayer mode. You can also score points in platformer mode.


Download Hybrid Animals to have a lot of fun creating new animals and testing them in immersive battles..

Pros : Unique breeding algorithm;
Quick multiplayer deathmatches;
Fast character growth;
Hilarious combinations of species.

Cons : Simple multiplayer;
No cooperative mode.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.1


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