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Mr.President! Review: Hilarious Presidential Bodyguard Simulator

Mr.President! is a humoristic 3rd person simulator of a president’s bodyguard developed by Game Developer X. In this game, you have to play as an average bodyguard whose mission is to cover the president of the USA from sniper attacks, bombs, and fire. Though president Rump is a fictional character, he is suspiciously similar to Trump! You can download Mr.President! for your Windows PC exclusively on Steam.

Mr.President! Gameplay: 4.5/5

Mr.President! gameplay is very casual. You play as an afro bodyguard whose mission is to cover president Ronald Rump from sniper fire using his body, push him away from bullets, save him from fire or fight him on the MMA ring.

The plot of Mr.President! game tells about the nationally hated president who plunged America into debts, corruption, dramatic taxes growth, and other terrible things. However, he is the president, so Dick Johnson aka Rock-Hard has to do his job and save the leader’s life to save his job.

Dick’s body consists of bulletproof meat, so all bullets change their vector when they hit him. You have to run and jump to match the timing and cover the unsuspecting authority from desperate shooters. It’s an honest Mr.President! review, so you have to know that this game is a hardcore experience.

Dick’s physics are very unrealistic. He is a ragdoll with strong legs that allow him to perform powerful jumps. That’s the only thing he can do, so you have to try jumping in various ways to protect your bossy employer. Though, it’s fantastically exciting to watch how bullets throw this guy through breaking walls.

Mr.President! Graphics: 4.5/5

Though Mr.President! is a joke game, it looks rather polished and completed. It presents realistically rendered lighting and shading along with sharp textures and quality saturation. Many backgrounds in the game are just black, so it looks like the audience is levitating. It doesn’t affect the gameplay but looks weird.

Mr.President! Sounds: 3.5/5

This game definitely lacks a good funny soundtrack. You can only hear the sound of shots and breaking bricks and thumps of falling Dick’s body. There are no exciting dialogues either. You just have to run and jump, but even jumps are not dubbed.

ontrols: 4.5/5

Mr.President! simulator game requires you to use the basic setup of a keyboard and a mouse. Use WASD to control walking, Space for jumps, and a mouse for aiming. This input is simple and convenient, but it’s impossible to do the same action twice due to clumsy physics. You always have to rely on luck.

Replay Value: 4/5

Mr.President! full game walkthrough is very short. You need less than an hour to complete all quests. On the other hand, you can replay levels to perform good jumps and get 21 special Steam achievements. You can get prizes for completing objectives.

In Conclusion

Mr.President! is the weirdest bodyguard simulator with a very straightforward political message. It’s rather interesting to spend a couple of hours hitting the president away with a huge black guy. This game is an excellent time killer for reducing stress.


Download Mr.President! to have a few hilarious moments while saving the president’s life using a bulletproof bodyguard..

Pros : Surprisingly good graphics;
Funny, clumsy physics;
Challenging missions.

Cons : No multiplayer mode;
It lacks a level editor.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.4


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