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Overcooked Review: Almost A Hell Kitchen

Overcooked is an indie simulator game dedicated to the cooking process. It seems like the game is not something that would capture you, but in fact, it is one of the most exciting cooperative games of recent times. What is so cool about it? Learn more in this Overcooked review.

Overcooked Gameplay: 5/5

The Overcooked game looks like Gordon Ramsay's nightmare. The number of orders rises, the frying pans hisses, the products are thrown in all directions, the culinarians rush around the kitchen insanely, and the kitchen itself changes its configuration. Despite its simplicity, Overcooked gameplay is challenging enough. You have to chop products, cook, and arrange the food in plates according to the recipe. Yet, each new level turns into a disaster.

In Overcooked, you can play alone, switching between two chefs, but with friends, you will get much more pleasure. The game was created for local cooperative including 2-4 people. Overcooked requires a clear division of responsibilities, seriousness, and ability to immediately react to the situation. Without teamwork skills, you are simply doomed to fail, so you have to constantly negotiate, coordinate efforts, regularly check the list of orders and time you have.

You and your kitchen mates are apprentices of a great chef who predicted an apocalypse including the Pasta Monster! You have a tough road full of tests for an extreme chef, the essence of which is to prepare for this unequal battle.

The point of each level is extremely simple: complete the orders as soon as possible and try not to burn the kitchen. Although you have to cook different dishes, the mechanics are the same for this: get the product out of the basket, chop it for the dish, fry or bake it and give it to the customer. It sounds simple, but in fact, you are constantly running out of time or clean plates can end up treacherously at the wrong moment.

Overcooked Graphics: 5/5

All this vigorous atmosphere with constant quirks and chaos is fulfilled with simple and bright graphics. Vibrant colors, cute detalisation, and accurate animations make Overcooked a nice relaxing toy.

Overcooked Sounds: 5/5

The Overcooked sound effects accompany you between levels and directly in the heat of battle with food. The music is saturated by light French motifs that add a special charm to the game.

Controls: 4/5

Since the Overcooked game doesn’t include a multiplayer mode, it still requires cooperation, so you have to play with your friends using one laptop or PC. It’s not quite convenient, yet possible.

Replay Value: 5/5

Overcooked is already loved by both adults and young adults. It is simple, has cool cartoon-style graphics and exciting gameplay. What else do you need to be engaged in the game process? Other Overcooked reviews also say people spend weeks playing it.

In Conclusion

Overcooked is created by the Ghost Town Games studio, which consists of only two people, and for the first independent project, the guys did their best. The game is surprisingly atmospheric, very dynamic and, most importantly, unique. The lack of multiplayer via the Internet at first is a bit frustrating, but, due to the gameplay, it would be superfluous here. The Ghost Town Games have thought out every game option to create a successful and attracting entertainment for any age.


Overcooked is a completely insane mix of tactics, strategy, time-management, and fun. Seasoned with a pinch of panic, a good portion of chaos and friendly quarrels, this game can become the main dish on your gaming menu..

Pros : Amazing original gameplay;
Cool graphics;
Suitable for people 0-99 age.

Cons : PC/laptop controls are not convenient;
No multiplayer mode.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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