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Shark Simulator Review: A Sharky Slaughter

Shark Simulator is a free 3rd person single player game where you can play for a fierce shark. This mad giant creature doesn’t care about the laws of physics and nature, so it decided to get out of the ocean to rage. Your task is to help this shark kill as many people as possible to break the score. Shark Simulator downloading is available exclusively for Windows PC on Steam game store.

Shark Simulator Gameplay: 5/5

This game was designed to cause a WTF reaction of all gamers who try to play it. Actually, it’s a low-quality comic copy of Grand Theft Auto, but you can’t play for a person. Instead, you are offered to play for a shark that is able to get out of water to complete bloody missions. 

You have to control this creature to make it eat as many people as possible to complete objectives and earn money for new weapons and upgrades. You can even take your shark to a barbershop to make a stylish haircut! Shark Simulator is a game with an open world, so you are free to complete missions in any order. 

The vast majority of quests requires eating people, but you can also earn some money racing with boats. Be attentive to the number of yellow stars in the upper right corner. The more stars you have, the more policemen will try to kill you. You can try to get away or defeat them, but both choices are almost impossible.

Shark Simulator Graphics: 4/5

Shark Simulator has a lot of GTA features, but it’s not that visually realistic. Aerilon Studios chose a perfect cartoonish style to design a bright resort town in the middle of the ocean. All 3D models in this game are very low-poly to cause a humoristic effect.

Shark Simulator Sounds: 4/5

Sound effects in Shark Simulator are very plain, so they greatly match comic graphics. Probably, you won’t need any sounds, because this game makes all gamers scream in anger and despair or laugh from the awkwardness of the gameplay.

Controls: 3.5/5

It’s an honest Shark Simulator review, so it’s important to say that controls in this game are horrible. It’s extremely difficult to make the shark move steadily. Almost all attacks are chaotic, so it’s impossible to work out strategies. On the other hand, bad controls and unrealistic physics are the salt of Shark Simulator as they bring 50% of fun.

Replay Value: 4/5

Shark Simulator is a perfect time killer that is designed to dwell on the desktop for many years. It also has an advanced system of shark development with tens of rifles and clothes to choose from. Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer mode.

In Conclusion

This game is a perfect occasion for you to have some unstoppable single player fun. You can complete various challenging objectives to gain in-game money and spend them on laughable shark skins and deadly weapons. Hopefully, developers would add a cooperative more soon.


Download Shark Simulator to receive an amusing bloody time killer. This game is designed to shake up even the dullest day!.

Pros : Funny comic graphics;
Many exciting objectives;
Diverse in-game item store;
Black humor.

Cons : Difficult controls;
No music;
No multiplayer.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.1


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