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Sonic Mania Review: The Reinvented Legendary 2D Platformer

Sonic Mania is a 2D retro platformer game by SEGA that was published in 2017 as a celebration of Sonic The Hedgehog 25th anniversary. In this game, you can play as Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails to run and dash on the classic maps of Sonic games for SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis and multiple new levels. You can download Sonic Mania for your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Sonic Mania Gameplay: 4.5/5

Sonic Mania gameplay is very hardcore, and it’s the only drawback of the whole game. Legendary developers of the original game collaborated with Sonic team and managed to recreate classic gameplay and combined it with brand new features.

Like in the classic Sonic, in Sonic Mania game you have to run through 2D levels, collect as many rings as you can, and defeat Eggman’s robots called Badniks. Golden rings work as protection from obstacles and enemies. If Sonic gets injured, he loses all rings but remains alive. You have a few seconds to collects 20 rings back. Every 100 rings bring you 1 extra life. You can also pick various power-ups scattered around levels in hidden monitors. Hit them to get extra lives, temporary invulnerability, 3 types of shields. Every shield provides Sonic special abilities, such as walking on water and igniting the oil.

You can complete the single-player campaign playing as Sonic, Sonic in pair with Tails, solo Tails, and solo Knuckles. Every character has unique abilities and particular physical features. Sonic and Tails run fast and jump high, while Knuckles wears special gloves that allow him to break thick walls.

Sonic Mania Graphics: 5/5

Sonic Mania platformer game is designed with the specially created Retro Engine by SEGA. That’s why it’s rather hard to distinguish the original game from the anniversary version, and it’s great. Developers managed to recreate the legendary look of the game and perfectly stylize new features.

Sonic Mania Sounds: 5/5

All sounds in the game are borrowed straight from the original Sonic for Mega Drive console. At the same time, the background music was updated dramatically. The vast majority of tracks are modern covers on original soundtrack and a few new tunes by Ti Lopes from PagodaWest Games. You can purchase all the tracks on CDs and vinyls.  

Controls: 4.5/5

As every platformer, this game is best played using a gamepad. You can easily get by with a keyboard too, but the game is quite tricky so you’ll have to practice a lot. It’s better to try both setups to pick the most convenient.

Replay Value: 5/5

Sonic Mania full game walkthrough takes about 3 hours. There are 12 zones with secrets and power-ups. You can complete them 3 times for each character and once for the team of Sonic and Tails in the multiplayer mode.

In Conclusion

This Sonic Mania review may sound too enthusiastic, but this game is truly a great happening in the history of video games. It presents classic gameplay of the revolutionary title in a quality blend with modern mechanics and music. It’s a perfectly balanced 2D platformer that is suitable for gamers of all ages.


Download Sonic Mania to experience the brand new version of one of the most popular franchises of the 90s. It looks the same, but it's all new..

Pros : Authentic retro-style graphics;
Original gameplay with multiple new features;
Modern cover version of the original soundtrack.

Cons : Hardcore missions;
No option to play for Knuckles and Sonic in coop.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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