The Forest

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The Forest Review

A survival and horror simulator game, The Forest is all about keeping yourself alive throughout the game. Build, explore, kill and undertake all those essential tasks that could keep you alive and kick.

Graphics: 5

The graphics of the game are simply amazing. You play in a forest where you get to marvel at the beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Because it’s a horror genre game, the lighting and color grading has been done to give you that spooky feel. Right from the protagonist to antagonists and several other objects, everything has been designed to woo you.

Gameplay: 5

The game introduces you to a mini-story before it lets you rejoice the gameplay. As per the cutscenes, you are a passenger of a jet which is about to kiss the ground. You somehow survive the crash but find yourself in the middle of a forest. However, as you progress, you find that the forest is teeming with a society of cannibalistic mutants. To cope with this bizarre foe and escape the jungle, you explore it and try to build a safe place for yourself.

In your endeavor to survive, you need to chop down the trees to build a camp. You lit a fire, look for food, lay traps, and strengthen your defense to keep yourself safe. Running away is not the key to keeping yourself protected from the mutants. You need to kill them to get rid of them. Thus, you craft weapons and tools.

Enter a living and breathing world which is full of danger and threats. Plan and prioritize to keep all the risks and vulnerability far away.

Controls: 4.5

There are many essential controls that let you control the movement of your characters and help him build the defense. With WASD, you move. With the left mouse key, you attack, and with the right one, you block. With the E key, you pick items, and with the G key, you throw them away. The ESC key lets you access the game menu, while the L key lets you activate/deactivate lighter. There are other controls too which are in the control menu of the game. You can even customize them as per your convenience.

Replay Value: 5

Playing the game is a sheer fun. There are no mundane or monotonous moments anywhere in the game. The game also comes with a VR mode, which further enhances the gaming experience. As per a new update, one can play VR multiplayer mode too. Thus, all these elements encourage players to play the game for quite a long time and return to it more often. On the whole, The Forest boasts of quite a high replay value.


‘Survival of the Fittest’ that’s the only rule which applies in the gameplay of The Forest. Right from the time your jet crashes, the thrill and adventure commence. There are mutants in the jungle waiting to tear you apart. It is imperative that you build shelter and weapons to shield yourself from them. But if surviving alone becomes a hard nut to crack for you, there is a multiplayer mode to your rescue. Strive to survive as you play The Forest.


Do you have what it takes to survive in a jungle full of human eating mutants? Find that out as you play The Forest..

Pros : The New Patch Adds Multiplayer Support to the VR
Easy Control, Brilliant Graphics, and Sound Effects

Cons : Many Gamers Found The Ending Similar to That of Other Survival Games

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9


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