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Think Of The Children Review: Who Said That Parenting Is Hard

Think Of The Children is a parent-simulator game that shows how it's really to have a kids. Being a parent is an easy task, right? All you have to do is live your normal life while keeping an eye on your child when he is eating poisonous berries, touching deadly jellyfishes and running back and forth on roads with heavy traffic. Download Think Of The Children now to see if you have what it takes to be a good parent.

Think Of The Children Gameplay: 5/5

The game forces you to protect the little humans from doing all kinds of silly things while completing some tasks at the same time. Up to four players can connect simultaneously to feel themselves in the roles of parents. For example, the first level takes place in the park where you’re getting ready for the child’s birthday party. You have to set the table, entertainment and make a barbecue whilst saving your children from drowning in the pool, getting eaten by a dog or eating poisonous berries. To complete all these tasks successfully a correct management is a need. You’ll have to learn to delegate responsibilities with your friends, and that cooperation is what makes the game very entertaining.

Think Of The Children Graphics: 4.5/5

The visual aspect is pleasant with vivid and blocky graphics. This unrealistic cartoon aesthetics really help to make horrible things like a child’s death as a funny little incident. Graphics are gorgeous indeed, and you’ll observe it highly detailed levels such as the one that takes place underwater. The UI design and view perspectives also effectively show the potential dangers and things you need to accomplish.

Think Of The Children Sounds: 5/5

It’s hard not to mention how amazingly in-game music fits the gameplay. It’s a boppy electronic tune that gets stuck in your head and perfectly describes all the silliness that takes place on screen. In terms of this Think Of The Children review it would be even appropriate to say that the music adds another layer of gameplay. It makes you love this game even more.

Controls: 3.5/5

Controls are kind of messed up if you’re playing it with keyboard and mouse. Moving with WASD is fine and usual but using LEFT SHIFT and LEFT CTRL is kind of weird. It’s obvious that the game was made for the controllers at first and if you have a gamepad, then you’ll be just fine. By using keyboard and mouse though you’ll have a feeling that something is not right.

Replay Value: 3/5

The really sad thing about the game is that it lacks different game modes. Every level, with appropriate coordination, can be perfected in two or three attempts. Replaying them once again doesn’t give you any special perks, so you’re unlikely to do it. In total there’s around a dozen of levels. Those can be cleared out in a couple of hours, and you’ll most likely move to another coop game with your friends.

In Conclusion

Think Of The Children is an amazingly hilarious game that can provide a couple of hours of fun. It’s definitely better to be played with the company rather than solo because it’s much easier that way and entertaining as well. However, developers should think of how to increase the replay value of the game since it deserves much more than to be simply forgotten upon the completion.


Download think of the children if you want an entertaining and hilarious coop game. The game is absolute madness and shows how it really is to be a parent..

Pros : Clean blocky graphics;
Great music;
Sad things are made funny.

Cons : Not enough content to replay;
Can’t play it online with random strangers.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.0


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