Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Review

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator or UEBS is a sandbox where there is no limit (except for your imagination). Whether you want modern soldiers to fight against zombies or wish to see the army of animals fighting against the army of Santa Claus, you get to see it all in the gameplay of UEBS.

Graphics: 4.5

UEBS is built on the most powerful crowd rendering system ever conceived in Unity engine. This engine allows the characters to decide its own path and navigate through the complex environment of the game. Special attention has been to the lighting with a customized dynamic global illumination lighting engine. It ensures that every bright surface illuminates its surroundings. On the whole, graphics of the game are pretty appealing, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay: 4.5

With Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, you can create massive battles. There is no limit on the players when they make their armies and deploy them on the battlefield. Whether you want 10,000 ancient soldiers fighting against the same number of chickens or wish to see robots fighting against furniture, the game lets you do the same seamlessly.

Right from Santa Claus, Orcs, Roman Centurions to Zombies, Tables and chairs, there is everything that you can mess around with. There is no way that the game restricts you. In fact, you can deploy an army of 100,000 entities. However, the game recommends only 10,000 entities for an amazing performance. In UEBS, you don’t just see two armies fighting against each other. Rather, you can play as any of the armies in the game. You even get to rally your army personnel and issue them orders as per your strategy to ensure your victory.

Controls: 5

There is a slew of controls in the game and all of them help you have an amazing control over your army. With the arrow keys on your keyboard or with the WASD keys, you control the movement of your characters. With the help of the mouse, you can change the camera view and attack. Press the N key on the keyboard to nuke the opponent army. With the V key, you can rally your unit. Do note that remembering the controls of the game is easy and seamless.

Replay Value: 2

Even though there are various war possibilities in the game, it becomes quite monotonous after a certain point in time. You may wish to quit the game after watching some of the AI fight action and attack animations. Though you may return to the game once in a blue moon again but sticking to it is quite not possible. On the whole, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator boasts of a low replay value.


Go with UEBS if war and action genre games are your favorite. In UEBS, the only limit is your imagination. Deploy whatever comes to your mind on the battlefield and enjoy watching the action. You also get to control your army which enriches the entire gaming experience. Whether you want dinosaurs to fight against ancient soldiers or want to see humans fighting against chicken, you can do it all in the gameplay of UEBS.



Weirdest yet interesting battles await you as you get your hands on the gameplay of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator..

Pros : Attack Animations Give you a Realistic Feel
Lighting in the Game is Amazing

Cons : The Game Gets Monotonous After a Few Battles

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 2

Average : 4.0


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