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Vector Game Review: Running for Freedom

Vector is an enjoyable and immersive parkour-inspired arcade-style video game where you play as the one and only free runner who is strongly against the regime. The gameplay starts by revealing an authoritarian environment where freedom is as far as a parallel universe. But the strength of a freerunner is unbreakable. He’s not going to be subjected to the will of the system, so he runs to break free. 4 Dec 2013 is the official Vector game release date. You can download Vector to play within the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad. The latest Vector update was released in 2015.

Vector Gameplay 4/5

Craving for freedom is a popular motive in storylines where tyranny prevails. In the Vector game, you play as a man living in a destructive totalitarian environment, who’s had enough and is not willing to obey the tyranny. Having got rid of your mind control machine, you sprint across rooftops towards the mighty freedom. During gameplay, you are given awards for doing various parkour tricks. Your main task is to move fast to a safe area before ‘Big Brother’ catches up. Vector gameplay creates situations filled with adrenaline-loaded thrill and an overall nonstop adventure of the chase. On the slightly negative side, the game is way too easy and short. It can be beaten within just a few hours.

Vector Graphics 5/5

Vector has simple yet incredible graphics. The animations are superb and have real fluidity to them. The characters are presented as stark black silhouettes clearly standing out against the beautifully depicted urban scenery backgrounds.

Vector Sounds 4/5

Even though the Vector soundtrack is far from diverse, you will definitely like the sounds (and the songs) within the game. They beautifully add up to Vector’s main concept. If you want the sound quality to amaze you, make sure you avoid downloading the Vector torrent site version. Only opt for the original product.

Controls 5/5

The game flaunts straightforward controls with no particularly difficult sequences. Some people may say it’s a ‘hit the button on cue’ video game. Basically, you just press up, down, left or right to jump, slide or speed up. Nothing too complicated at all.

Replay Value 4/5

Even though the Vector full game is short, there are some reasons to jump back into it. For instance, there’s a relatively recent new mode that allows you to play as the Hunter, not the runner. In addition to this, you may want to replay the already completed game levels in order to get more coins and, i.e. unlock moves in further levels.

Cutting to the Chase

Despite its minor imperfections, Vector is a fun and unique breakout indie with enjoyable gameplay, good soundtrack and eye-pleasing aesthetic. This simple yet very addictive title is guaranteed to provide you with the exciting and intense thrill of the chase.


Vector is a great parkour-inspired game with lots of cool tricks and a multitude of already mentioned advantages. We hope our Vector game review helps you form an opinion about the title. If you like the concept, you can buy and download Vector for your device and enjoy running for freedom..

Pros : Appealing HD graphics;
Straightforward controls;
Nice soundtrack;
Provides a sense of accomplishment.

Cons : The game is too short;
Gameplay may seem too easy.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5


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