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Wolf Simulator Review: In a Wolf’s Clothing

Wolf Simulator is a simulator game with clear features of survival and horror. You play as a wolf and do everything you can in order to stay alive in the wild. You start the game alone, exploring the vast gaming map and capturing new territories. 16 Nov 2016 is the release date of the PC version of the Wolf Simulator game. It was developed by Second Reality and published by Dagestan Technology. This Wolf Simulator review is aimed at helping you get the full picture of the game.

Wolf Simulator Gameplay 3/5

Wolf Simulator gameplay has massive potential, along with a multitude of bugs and glitches. The latest Wolf Simulator update has brought multiple enhancements which gives us hope that the team of developers will fix the rest game imperfections in the near future. We enjoyed the storyline and we might have quite liked the gameplay... But a game definitely needs more dev work before it passes the green light for production.

Wolf Simulator Graphics 3/5

You won’t be too excited about the Wolf Simulator graphics either. While playing the game, you will walk through the trees, go underneath the water and won’t drown and fall through the texture. But that’s not because you’re playing as a ghost Superwolf. That’s because the game’s visuals are outdated and generally leave much to be desired.

Wolf Simulator Sounds 3/5

Even though the sounds in the game are decent, Wolf Simulator won’t astonish you with an awesome soundtrack. The audio effects aren’t helpful in terms of your overall performance. However, the existing game sounds manage to seamlessly blend with the atmosphere contributing to the game’s immersive potential. While exploring the wildlife, for instance, you will enjoy the realistically soothing forest and nature sounds.

Controls 3/5

‘Janky and unbearable’, that’s what a lot of players say about the game’s controls. While some games need a bit of getting used to, this one just seems to fail in terms of providing decent controls. And you don’t even get a proper controls explanation from the dev team.

Replay Value 3/5

With all the bugs and issues, the gameplay will hardly inspire you to come back for some more Wolf Simulator experience. And the fact that you’re unable to load a save after being dead and literally have to redo the same thing over and over again doesn’t really contribute to the game’s replay value.

Cutting to the Chase

Even though the Wolf Simulator game design and gameplay are unrefined, the idea behind the experience is deep and stimulating. It often brings questions about your own humanity and care for others.


If you’re wondering whether to purchase and download Wolf Simulator or not, that depends on what you’re looking for in a game. Wolf Simulator does come with many bugs, but its concept is totally fresh and thought-provoking. The Wolf Simulator full game will definitely be worth the money once it’s properly updated..

Pros : Good concept;
Diamond-in-the-rough potential;
Interaction between you (as a wolf) and nature is thought-provoking.

Cons : Unrefined graphics;
Inconsistent controls;
Multiple ingame bugs.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 3

Controls 3

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.0


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