Finding Bigfoot

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Bigfoot Review: Hunt The Beast

Finding Bigfoot is a first-person shooter created in the best traditions of survival horror games. As the name suggests, your main goal is to find the legendary human-like creature that is hiding deep in the forests of the mountains. Download Bigfoot now if you think you have what it takes to find the creature and hunt it down.

Bigfoot Gameplay: 5/5

Finding Bigfoot gameplay starts with a group of tourists that went missing in a nearby national park under suspicious circumstances. The local police don’t provide clear explanations, so the main character with friends decides to take arms and investigate this case personally. As you may already have got it, you can play the game either solo or in coop mode. The game offers a vast open map with caves and swamps for you to explore. In your arsenal, you get different weapons, traps and special devices like night visor, camera, and even motion sensors. Finding Bigfoot is not an easy task as developers have created a special AI that controls his actions. If you manage to find him though, confrontation most likely won’t end well for you.

Bigfoot Graphics: 4/5

The visual aspect of the Finding Bigfoot game is at the highest level. Mainly it’s because the game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and if you played other games on that engine, you know how stunning graphics can be. Lighting effects create a dark and mysterious atmosphere of horror, while the detailed world around you allows you to fully immerse in it. Animations of the beast itself, however, are a little bit rubbish and definitely need revision.

Bigfoot Sounds: 5/5

Sounds play an important role in creating the spooky atmosphere. Not only you’ll get the chills whenever Sasquatch is roaring somewhere in the distance but even from falling trees, occasional deers and lightning. All of these things produce creepy sounds that make your heart beat faster and expect something hostile.

Controls: 5/5

Controls are pretty basic and don’t differ from other first-person action games. Aiming and firing is an easy thing for experienced players and shouldn’t cause any difficulties. In case you want to switch the object in your hands, then it can be simply done by opening an inventory and choosing the necessary slot.

Replay Value: 2/5

This Bigfoot review wouldn’t be completely honest if we didn’t mention that the game has very low replay value. For the first time you’ll enter it you’ll be genuinely spooked. Most likely you won’t even want to exit the safety trailer. After 3-4 times of meeting with Bigfoot, the spook factor will get lower, and the game won’t give you the same chills as in the beginning. Without its horror aspect, there’s pretty much nothing more left to do, and you’ll most likely forget about this game.

In Conclusion

BigFoot game is an interesting and ambitious project with great graphics, music and core concept. However, it has some serious disadvantages. First of all, the game gets boring very quickly, so it’s fun to play only the first few sessions. Secondly, the game is in the early access from 2017 and developers don’t hurry to change its status. Updates are being released very slowly, so it’s really a very dubious game to invest in. 


We recommend you to download Bigfoot if you like challenging tasks. The emotions that game gives for the first 2-3 times when you pass it are unforgettable..

Pros : Creepy atmosphere;
Stunning visuals and detailed world;
Great sounds;
Challenging gameplay.

Cons : The game gets boring very fast;
Rare updates.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 2

Average : 4.0


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