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Hello Neighbor Review

If scary games are your favorite genre, then the gameplay of Hello Neighbor is something that you shouldn’t miss. It’s a stealth game with a unique concept as per which you find your way to your neighbor’s basement to uncover all his dark secrets.

Graphics: 5

When it comes to the graphics of the game, you come across Pixar-style visuals which look appealing. The color grading of the game has been amazingly done, which further enhance the overall gaming experience. As you play the game, you come across a plethora of objects and characters which have been intricately designed. No visual glitches or bug add to the elegance of the graphics.

Gameplay: 5

Branding the gameplay of Hello Neighbor as extremely tense won’t be untrue. As per the storyline of the game, you move into a brand new suburb. Once you settle, you realize that your neighbor is hiding something from the world in his basement. The same piques your curiosity and the only logical thing to do find out what your neighbor is up to is to break into his house.

Beware of what may come across you as your not-so-friendly neighbor will be roaming around to catch you red-handed invading his privacy. Also, you play the game against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. There are bear traps placed here and there. There are cameras to keep an eye on the trespassers. Above all, when you try to escape, the neighbor will find a shortcut to catch you.

The game has three acts that lead you to your ultimate goal of finding what your neighbor is hiding. Experience a level-up of creepiness and bone-chilling horror in the gameplay of Hello Neighbor.

Controls: 4.5

The controls of Hello Neighbor are simple to understand and remember. Also, they are intuitive, thereby ensuring the gamers don’t have to mug them up. With the WASD keys on your keyboard, you can move in any direction. With Control, you crouch, and with the F key, you pick-up stuff. With the Space Bar on your keyboard, you jump. On pressing both Left and Right click, you throw objects. On pressing just the left click, you use what you are holding.

Replay Value: 4

There are three acts in the game. The first is very tricky with the neighbor being very close to the player. The rest of the two acts just stand-out from the stealth mode perspective. While you play these acts, it is hard to leave the game in between. However, once done with the game, there are thin chances that you would play the game all over again. On the whole, Hello Neighbor game comes with a moderate replay value.


Play Hello Neighbor – a notoriously scary game teeming with a creepy neighbor and unpredictable objects’ behavior. Get to witness the ‘fear rooms’ where the laws of physics and reality cease to exist. The game also boasts of mind-boggling “guess what I’m thinking” puzzles which will keep you on your toes as you play them. Keep courage or your neighbor will turn into your worst nightmare.



Dive into the gameplay of Hello Neighbor and find out what your spooky neighbor is hiding in his basement..

Pros : Amazing Visual Effects, Graphics, and Sound Effects
Unique and Interesting Storyline

Cons : Some of the Puzzles are Quite Illogical

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.6


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