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House Party Review: Hangout Online

The world of simulators is full of wonders and here is another surprising simulator. In House Party, you can attend different parties or organize them yourself. This indie project looks incredibly good and almost realistic. House Party downloading is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 4/5

As it was already mentioned, House party looks very smooth. In fact, graphics of this project are advanced for a party simulator. You can see and feel, that developers tried to do their best to provide gamers with a fresh gaming experience. Sometimes you may feel, that characters look like they have travelled from 2014, but it’s not really a drawback for a small budget franchise. Face and body physics are so-so, but it’s more about having fun, so it doesn’t annoy. Shaders and smooth textures make it look quite natural. PC and Nintendo Switch House Party review showed, that they look the same on both platforms.

Gameplay: 4/5

Well, House Party is a highly straightforward game without many game conventions. It starts with making up a male or a female character. When you are ready with that, go an visit to a party to have some fun. The good thing is that you never really know what to expect from NPCs and your choices. All characters are totally different and endowed with very realistic tempers. Activities you can do with them fully correspond real world house parties as you can chat, make friends or argue, drink too much and fight, say swear words and receive relevant answers, have some nice conversations with characters of the opposite sex and make love with them. In fact, the last option is designed like in real life too, so there’s no censure at all, so this game is for adults only. However, all happenings in House Party are flavored with witty sarcasm, and some humoristic confuses. They just happen suddenly to make you rush around to find that bottle of red wine for a naked girl in a bedroom.

Controls: 5/5

House Party controls configuration is highly convenient as it’s an unhurried 1st person RPG. There’s completely nothing specific for controls as they are highly intuitive and allow the player to make mistakes. On the other hand, some actions may cause unexpected things to happen, so you have to save the game frequently.

Replay Value: 4/5

House Party simulator is an extraordinary gaming experience for adults. Characters in this game are very well-worked and have advanced stimuli-reaction patterns of behavior. Due to this condition, you may face a vast variety of hilarious and intimate situations. Game sessions in House Party are rather short, so it’s very fun to explore different development of events. Sometimes you may just forget to close the door and get busted with a girl by another girl, who wanted to have fun with you. That’s how it works!


All in all, house party is a qualitative fun game for adults, who want to simulate some situations from real life house parties. Dozens of various circumstances may affect the scenario. Even when you think, that everything is under control, you may meet a drunk guy, who wanders around to fight someone. Just because something like this may happen in real life. It’s very fun to explore House Party sudden scenarios and to test all options.


Downloading House Party, you confirm that you are an adult and you want to have some good virtual fun..

Pros : Good lighting, high-res textures and shadows;
Realistic behavior of characters.

Cons : This game is for adults only.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3


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