Little Nightmares

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Little Nightmares Review: Immersive Game for Horror Fans

Little Nightmares is a game that opens with a sinisterly whimsical storyline about a 9-year-old girl named Six. You play as this girl - a small vulnerable creature in a bright yellow raincoat stuck in a place she doesn’t belong. Six is trapped in the eerie depths of an atmospheric ship called The Maw. The girl is on a mission to escape from the vessel while trying to survive in the grotesque world of frightening creatures residing on the creepy ship.

The Little Nightmares game is playable on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Download Little Nightmares and enjoy playing it to confront your spine-chilling childhood fears. If you’re a horror game fan, this game is just the ticket! 28 Apr 2017 is the game’s official release date. In 2019, Very Little Nightmares - the iOS-friendly update of the original game (or a prequel, to be more precise) is coming out. Feel free to watch the teaser trailer.

Little Nightmares Gameplay 5/5

The Little Nightmares full game consists of 5 chapters. Each chapter has its own gameplay peculiarities. The first chapter leads you through the essence of the game, where you gradually figure out the mechanics. In the game, you will climb, drag, throw, push and pull to move through the Maw while distracting and escaping monsters along the way.

Little Nightmares Graphics 5/5

Even if you’ve only seen the Little Nightmares demo version, you’ve noticed the impeccable graphics. The brilliant never-making-you-feel-safe 3D environment is creepy and surreal, while the characters are well-designed and impressive. You will enjoy the amazingly haunting visuals immersing yourself into the surreal world inhabited by monsters breathing down your neck.

Little Nightmares Sounds 5/5

The sounds are top notch. The music is subtle, which allows you to focus on the surrounding sounds: breathing, footsteps, breaking objects etc. Each of those sound effects makes your every step in the game important. You will hear some eerie I’m-coming-after-you music during the cat-and-mouse-like chases. Very hypnotizing!

Controls 4/5

The controls are relatively straightforward - as long as you use a controller. If you’re focused on the Little Nightmares PC version, things may get a little bit more frustrating. Within the keyboard-and-mouse controls, the game may result in lots of clumsy deaths.

Replay Value 5/5

Looking for Little Nightmares for sale? Great! The game is immersive, captivating and really scary. However, in our point of view, it has very little replay value due to its shortness, repetitive puzzles and the loading times.

Cutting to the Chase

Little Nightmares won’t leave you screaming in fright. But it will definitely make you feel those goosebumps-inducing irrational fears that used to keep you awake at night as a child. In other words, the game is 100% time-worthy! You don’t have to take our word for it. Download the game to enjoy it yourself and write your own Little Nightmares review!


Whether youā€™ll find the Little Nightmares torrent or buy the full quality version online, this psychologically tense puzzle platformer will leave you hungry for more..

Pros : Captivating concept and storyline;
Creepy visuals;
Enthralling sound effects and appropriate soundtrack;
Immersive atmosphere;
Truly frightening.

Cons : Frustrating controls;
The game may be too short for some players.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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