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Spintiers: The Original Game Review: Award Winning Off Road Simulator

Spintiers is the creation of Ouvee Game Studios that deserves special attention as it’s the only one realistic simulator of heavy off-road Russian trucks for PC. All vehicles have unique properties and individual handling along with gorgeously realistic physics and graphics. Spintiers downloading is available for PC on Steam game store only.

Spintiers Gameplay: 4/5

Spintiers is a totally unique experience of driving Soviet Russian all-road heavy lorries to deliver massive cargos through impassable muddy roads and taiga. It’s a matter of taste, but this game may appear too deserted for some players. The feeling of abandonment in the middle of nowhere is very strong. On the other hand, there’s absolutely no time to watch around as Spintiers is a very challenging experience. All mission require high skills of driving heavy trucks and all-road jeeps. It’s necessary to be highly attentive and watch your vehicle to be safe. This game’s world is open, so you are free to plot routes anywhere you want. It’s just a test for your intuition and driving skills.

Spintiers Graphics: 5/5

It was a great pleasure to make this Spintiers review as visuals in Spintiers are absolutely fantastic. All vehicles are designed with unbelievable precision and attention to detail. Surroundings are very realistic either. Moreover, all trees, bushes and some of the rocks are destroyable. The heavier machine you drive, the more damage to the terrain it causes. However, you should be careful, because mechanism physics are fully similar to real. It means that your car can break down after any unwary turn or acceleration.

Spintiers Sounds: 4/5

This title is truly outstanding, because of vehicle design precision. Engine “voice” is one of the most important features of any vehicle in a simulator. Ouvee Game Studios recorded real sounds of all trucks and jeeps they chose for their game. You will be happy to hear how deep and alive these cars are. They roar like creatures from hell!

Controls: 5/5

In fact, the whole Spintiers franchise is about hardcore driving of narrowly specialized heavy trucks. Most of them have more than 10 gears in transmission, so you always have to balance between traction and acceleration to keep the machine moving. In addition, you have to bypass mountain rivers, swamps and off road.

Replay Value: 5/5

Spintiers is a game for all-road vehicle fans who can’t drive them in real life. If you are one of them, long hours of unhurried challenging journeys around Russian taiga are guaranteed. This title has many DLCs and gets updates every month, so you definitely won’t run out of missions.

In Conclusion

This franchise is an ultimate all-road heavy truck simulator that deserves the attention of all fans of such specific machines. Spintiers has brilliant visuals along with fully realistic physics. All missions offer you to transport something, but they don’t look the same due to diverse surroundings.


Download Spintiers, if you look for a fine off-road driving simulator. This Soviet truck simulator is extremely realistic and authentic!.

Pros : Excellent graphics and physics;
Destroyable vehicles and terrains;
Wide range of trucks and jeeps;
Exciting missions and wonderful locations.

Cons : This game lack GTAlike radio;
No multiplayer.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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