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Wheely Review: Great Game for Your Kids

Wheely is a PC based child-friendly adventure game where you play a car named Wheely. The Wheely game features 8 stories. Each of them contains fun puzzles to solve while playing. In the game, you will complete various tasks, save the planet, combat enemies, catch criminals and even find your perfect match. The game consists of over 100 levels, each of them presenting a one of a kind mini puzzle.

Nov 9, 2016, is the official Wheely game release date. There’s a special Wheely edition that contains Wheely web versions with enhanced visuals for fullscreen. If you download Wheely special edition, you will get the possibility to access all mini puzzles in one place. Read our Wheely game review, watch the gameplay on YouTube, look at its update history and you will make sure that Wheely is a fantastic game for kids.

Wheely Gameplay 5/5

Although Wheely gameplay is easy as pie, it is somewhat addictive even if you’re an adult. It keeps you wanting to play more and lead Wheely to the end of each of the stories. The stories within the gameplay are kid-oriented. They are fun and cute, but very nonsensical - something only a child might tell. This adds a very special charm to the gameplay.

Wheely Graphics 5/5

The visuals in the Wheely game are bright, colorful and a joy to look at. The animations are fun and a treat for your eyes, especially if you adore googly eyed vehicles. If you’re looking for the top quality Wheely full game, always opt for the official version.

Wheely Sounds 4/5

When it comes to music within the gameplay, it’s far from perfect. Yes, the music is good quality and upbeat. Yes, the sound effects and the music itself blend well with the game concept. However, the melodies are just way too repetitive. As a result, the game may become quite annoying at times. In any case, you can always mute the music if it annoys you.

Controls 5/5

Wheely is one of the greatest only-mouse video games ever released. To play Wheely, all you need is one button - click and drag. The controls are exceptionally easy. Your kid will intuitively master them without a single difficulty.

Replay Value 4/5

Multiple challenges contribute significantly to Wheely’s replay value. Even if you ultimately get bored with the game, do not discard it. Leave it to your kid to play. Kids love playing Wheely endlessly!

Cutting to the Chase

Wheely is a colorful video game for playing with your kids. It features bright graphics, joyful music, entertaining levels as well as various types of tasks suitable for various ages. There are certain sour points with this game, but they are too minor to matter.


If youā€™re looking for a relaxing, cute and fairly simple mouse-only puzzler, Wheely is just the ticket. Feel free to buy and download Wheely and let the adventure started. Itā€™s definitely an excellent game to keep your kid occupied for a while..

Pros : Simple yet fun gameplay;
Cool colorful graphics;
Moderate to high replayability;
Extremely child-friendly.

Cons : Repetitive music;
Last two stages are less refined than the rest.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8


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