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City Car Driving Review: Drive Your Skills to the Next Level

City Car Driving (also referred to as CCD) is an immersive PC based car driving simulator video game. While playing the game, you will embrace and practice your car driving skills while experiencing various (highly realistic) traffic situations. The game features smart traffic environments, unpredictable pedestrians as well as random risky scenarios that are guaranteed to create and maintain the atmosphere of a real traffic scene. Just like in real life, certain traffic situations won’t let you just sit back and relax.

If GTA occasionally annoys you with its nonstop racing action, and you just want to drive around obeying the traffic law, purchase and download City Car Driving right away. Thanks to the Steam workshop, you can opt to drive expensive cars such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and much more in your most preferred environment. Nov 3, 2016, is the official City Car Driving game release date. If you look at the City Car Driving update history, you will realize that the team of developers behind Forward Development, Ltd. is constantly working on improving the game. This City Car Driving review is aimed at helping you get a glimpse of the game.

City Car Driving Gameplay 5/5

CCD boasts great gameplay. It features both an open-ended scenario where you can drive around limitlessly and a career mode. You get the possibility to drive a multitude of car models, progressing from small cars to SUVs and trucks. Since the game is Russian made, you will also get the possibility to explore a few Soviet car designs.

While playing, you also get to drive under many various weather conditions, including rain, fog, snow and ice. Depending on the weather pattern you choose, you get to deal with multiple visibility issues and car behavior styles. The City Car Driving game allows you to change between US, EU, UK, or Russian driving style. You can even choose how much traffic you want in the game, as well as how drunk the pedestrians are going to be.

City Car Driving Graphics 4/5

The graphics are more than good for 2016. Texture-wise, pedestrians and buildings could have used more variation and detailing. The cars look great, though. Generally speaking, the CCD visuals make you feel like you’re driving for real.

City Car Driving Sounds 3/5

This particular aspect of the CCD game definitely requires some improvement. The thing is, all car types featured in the game (irrespective of their models or engine sizes) sound totally the same, without a single distinction. In addition to this, there’s no music at all, which is a significant drawback in our view.

Controls 5/5

The City Car Driving game boasts nice controls with steering wheel and pedals. In fact, this is one of the major strengths of this game. The actual driving on CCD is spot on and the physics feel good. We’ve tried an Xbox controller and it is nothing in comparison with the steering wheel.

Replay Value 4/5

On the one hand, this simulator allows you to master and practice the most basic driving skills effectively. This greatly contributes to the game’s replay value. On the other hand, the environment within the City Car Driving gameplay is quite small, which may bore you to death in the long run.

Cutting to the Chase

City Car Driving is not another racing title. It’s a teaching aid with solid gameplay and lots of traffic scenarios. Improved visuals and sounds would be a great bonus. Steam workshop is brilliant and adds plenty of car models to a rather succinct original selection.


City Car Driving is a decent simulator that helps you learn the basics of driving. It is not supposed to be fun in its nature. It is supposed to be a learning tool for complete beginners. If you’re looking for a great game that performs this function with utmost efficiency, feel free to buy and download City Car Driving and start working on your driving skills immediately..

Pros : Excellent simulator;
Solid graphics;
Smooth gameplay;
Nice customization possibilities.

Cons : The city is too small;
No music at all;
No multiplayer mode;
May get repetitive.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5


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