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Сut the Rope Review: Treat Yourself With This Game While Treating The Om Nom

Cut the Rope is an adorable casual game to have fun with. You may have already met it on your gadget before. This time, I’m gonna take you more into Om Noms world with this Cut the Rope review.

Cut the Rope Gameplay: 5/5

Cut the Rope was made to relax. It has a certain number of levels with one main goal - to drop the candy into the Om Noms mouth. To do that, you simply have to cut the ropes on which this candy swings and make it fall right to the little green monster.

To be honest, since the game moved from phones and tablets to larger screens of PC and laptops there’s nothing really changed with its gameplay. Yes, you get more new levels and more tricky challenges, but it’s all the same mechanics. But who said that old is bad? Cut the Rope makes you think. There are spikes, different traps, electric sticks, and bubbles that can make the candy float. The levels were designed to make the candy delivering more and more difficult and yet more exciting.

Lots of games have some sort of achievements section, and of course, this game is no exception. Along with a leader board, you can also find a large list of achievements to get. There are different achievements dedicated to collecting stars, cutting ropes, or popping bubbles. The game also updates often. You can see daily events and challenges that give you extra rewards and prizes.

Cut the Rope Graphics: 5/5

Congrats on Zeptolab for bringing Cut the Rope to our desktops with HD graphics and familiar interface. Cut the Rope game looks amazing on big screens. Vibrant colors, roundish, and poky details developed with precision to create a stunning PC version.

Cut the Rope Sounds: 5/5

Cut the Rope has light background music and fun sound effects, but they aren't necessary to enjoy the game. This also works with similar animated games, including incredibly popular "Angry Birds" franchise. So, you can spend hours playing these games with no sounds or just run your favorite playlist in the background. Look for the in-game options to mute the music and sound effects of Cut the Rope if needed.

Cut the Rope Controls: 5/5

Cut the Rope controls were also successfully adapted for laptops and PC. All you need to enjoy the game is a mouse or touchpad. Just click and drag to cut threads and feed the Om Nom with candies.

Replay Value: 4/5

Cute animations, simple and beautiful interface, and of course exciting puzzles and ticklers make you want more, so you no doubt will come back again and again. However, unfortunately, we don’t always have laptops with us to enjoy the beauty of the game on the big screen, that’s why you’ll rather play it more often on a mobile phone or tablet.

In Conclusion

Cut the Rope is a physics-based game that is already beloved by both kids and adults all over the world. It offers everything you need to relax at home or can also be a great time-killer. Cut the Rope game attracts you with its variety, and smart level design while having a simple enough gameplay.


After playing this game for a week on my laptop, I’d say that it’s definitely a dangerous one. Once you launch Cut the Rope on your device, you will forget about everything and spend hours feeding the cute green monster with yummies. Download Cut the Rope if you’re brave enough to resist its attractiveness and joy it brings!.

Pros : Exciting puzzles;
More than 200 levels to complete;
Regular upgrades;
Looks great on big screens.

Cons : Rather would be played on a phone than on a laptop.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8


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