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Garry's Mod Review: Messing With Valve’s Physics

Garry’s Mod is not really a game. It’s a physics sandbox where you can do whatever you want. Hundreds of game modes are available for you to mess around and if it’s not enough, then you can always create something by yourself. Download Garry’s Mod to see where’s the limit of your imagination.

Garry's Mod Gameplay: 5/5

Garry’s Mod's gameplay is its strongest part. Mostly because players create gameplay by themselves. It’s based on player interactions and of course game mods that you play. You can create a car, catapult, tank or any other crazy idea that may occur in your head. You can play zombie mode here, hide-and-seek, survival or simply stream videos from YouTube to the game, pretending that you’re in the actual movie theatre with friends. The list of things to do here is so long, that it’s impossible to mention all of them in this Garry’s Mode review.

Garry's Mod Graphics: 4.5/5

Graphics in the Garry's Mod game aren’t something special. In fact, it shouldn’t be as the game is based on Valve’s engine. You’re already familiar with what you’ll see if you’ve played CS Source or Half-Life 2. It’s an engine that provides pretty realistic graphics, but in order to see all the textures, you might need other Valve games. However, it’s not critical, and there are ways of how to work it over.

Garry's Mod Sounds: 5/5

The sounds in the game are hilarious. Depending on the game mode you’ll hear different sounds and music. The only problem is that sometimes you won’t have a chance to enjoy it because of other players that use voice chat to scream all at once. Thankfully, they can be easily muted so you could continue to enjoy stupid and crazy sound effects.

Controls: 5/5

Controls in Garry’s Mod are simple. You get the basic WASD scheme to move and mouse to shoot and rotate the camera. All of these settings are customizable like in any other Valve game. You get used to it quick enough, and if you’re familiar with first-person shooters, then you’ll have no problems at all. If you’re a more experienced player, then you can even change how physics work in-game by using developer console.

Replay Value: 5/5

Garry’s Mod is an example of how replay value should look like. It’s not simply high here, it’s infinite. Most likely your life wouldn’t be enough to try out all the possible servers, game modes, and add-ons. You can find something that fits your playing style and enjoy it with friends on a daily basis.

In Conclusion

Garry’s Mod is a concentrated fun and madness. It provides amazing possibilities to have fun solo or with friends by playing hundreds of different game modes. You can even shoot movies here and watch them in the game with other players. It shows an example of how replayable the games should be, even if they’re around 15 years old already. Everything here is perfect, and once you play it for the first time, you understand why it has so many fans around the world.


If you are having doubts about whether to download Garry’s Mod or not, then think no more. Close this review right away and go buy yourself this piece of art..

Pros : Hilarious gameplay;
Joyful music and sounds;
Large community;
Endless replayability options.

Cons : Too many voice chatters;
May lag when too many mods installed.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9


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