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Pregnancy Review: A Game That Should Be Aborted

Pregnancy is a role-playing game by Brazilian indie studio Locomotivah. The game tells a story of a 14 years old girl, who got pregnant after being sexually violated by a stranger. You will play as her subconscious, giving her advice and influencing her life-choices. Learn more about the game in this Pregnancy game review.

Pregnancy Gameplay: 3/5

First of all, I’d like to mention, that the game lasts for approximately 20 minutes. Yes, it’s quite short and actually looks more like quiz, than an average console game. Well, let’s get more into the details of Pregnancy.

The game starts with a quick episode that shows you several pictures and quotes of Lilla, the protagonist of the game. Even though the picture is entirely blurred and smooth, you actually see a scene of an old drunk man raping a little 14 years old girl. These pictures are also followed by descriptions like ‘A lot of pain. Inside’ and ‘A cry. Mine. He laughs’.

After that, you’ll get an opportunity to choose whether you are Lilla’s friend, adviser, or her conscience. Starting from this time, you have to guide Lilla to make her main choice. A little spoiler: whatever you will advise to the girl, in the end, her choice would be the right opposite to yours. And this is also will be written on the screen of your monitor. So, what’s the point of playing though?

Pregnancy Graphics: 3/5

The graphics of the game look primitive. As long as the gameplay doesn’t impress you at all, the visual part wouldn’t either. The game provides simple pictures and photos of people lightly filled with pastel colors. Fonts, icons, and navigation menu also look humble and quite straightforward.

Pregnancy Sounds: 4/5

The game has several soundtracks, including piano tunes, which is very nice and pleasing. It doesn’t get you bored, unlike the game plot.

Controls: 5/5

The Pregnancy game is an interactive novel that requires a player to take part in the little girl’s life. All you have to do is click the following dialogues that appear on the screen of your laptop or PC.

Replay Value: 3/5

Considering the game plot and intended game duration, Pregnancy is a one-off. Once you go through the novel, it wouldn’t get you back for going over more than one time.

In Conclusion

Pregnancy is uncomfortable to play. When you’re going through the novel, at some point you catch yourself thinking about the game’s real intention. It looks like that Locomotivah created a game just to get involved in abortion “hype”. Nevertheless, while passing the game, you will think about the choices you make or questions Lilla asks you. But again, what’s the point if advice or answers you give to a little girl doesn’t matter at all? This sounds quite pointless.


To sum up, I can’t recommend the Pregnancy game to even try it once. It is more reckoned to be prolific than to make you think about the important question..

Pros : Extraordinary game plot;
Simple yet provocative gameplay;
Short passing time.

Cons : Pointless waste of time;
Oneoff game type;
Too primitive visuals.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 3

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5


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