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Fallout 4 Review: A Breath of Fresh Air or Still The Same Old Fallout?

Fallout series is one of the most famous game series in the world. There are millions of fans who still play the first two games that were released more than fifteen years ago. Fallout 4 was released in 2015. It’s an RPG game which takes you into the post-nuclear war world. In this Fallout 4 review, I’d like to tell you more about the legendary series fresh episode.

Fallout 4 Gameplay: 5/5

The gameplay starts on October 28, 2077.  On this day began the nuclear war that changed the Fallout world forever. The main character was about to say an inspiring speech at the local center of veterans, but suddenly, the Vault-Tech representative appears. He invites your character to participate in an experimental program to protect your family from nuclear blows. You, of course, agree and at this very moment, starts the nuclear World War 3.

Now, you have to hide your family in the nuclear shelter, because a giant nuclear smoke stream is already rising on the horizon. Everything happens incredibly fast. Once you get into the shelter, there are people dressed in the blue uniform who take you to undergo the process of disinfection in special containers. It turns out that these containers are cryogenic, so you and your family will be frozen for almost 200 years.

What happens further is where your adventures start. You wake up after freezing nearly unconscious and see that the cryocamera of your wife is opened. The bandits kill her, take your son and freeze you again. After another 10 years, the 111 cryogenic shelter installation fails, so you can finally wake up and get out of this place. And this is where is another horrible truth revealed: it is 2287 now, and nothing left from that world that your character knew before. Taking everything that happens, your character starts to search for his missing son.

Fallout 4 Graphics: 3/5

The Fallout 4 world looks just great. The postapocalyptic ambiance is fulfilled successfully: abandoned cities, shops, and bars with bright neon signs, secret bunkers, and looters' camps. However, the details still need lots of upgrades and refreshments. For example, there are no reflections in the mirrors.

Fallout 4 Sounds: 5/5

The soundtrack of the game consists of two parts. You can hear both original background music while traveling through the wasteland, as well as the sounds of various radio stations, which can be switched using Pip-Boy.

Controls: 4/5

There are too much keyboard buttons used for Fallout 4 PC controlling. You have to memorize more than 20 keys to play the game.

Replay Value: 5/5

The Bethesda developers promise to capture us for a minimum of 400 hours to go through the whole game. And, honestly saying, they’ve done a great job to keep their promise. Fallout 4 game has lots of opportunities to play it again and again. Every time you can choose or create a new character and get a totally new game experience.

In Conclusion

Despite the lack of graphical development,  Fallout 4 is a great RPG shooter in the setting of post-apocalyptic North America. Fallout 4 wraps you with its atmosphere and makes you spend days and nights exploring abandoned factories, digging in the garbage, hacking safes and computers, and learning more about the amazing world of the post-nuclear Wasteland. I want to believe that the developers will correct most of their flaws, but for now, I can’t call the game a perfect one.


Fallout 4 is still a great RPG game which can get you captured for months. The Wasteland is big and there is always something to do in it, so you will return to the game again and again. Download Fallout 4 and try to become the post-apocalypse world’s hero..

Pros : Interesting and challenging gameplay;
The post-nuclear world full of events and adventures;
Character editor.

Cons : Poor graphics detalisation;
Can be glitchy if you play more than 2 hours.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.3


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