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Hand Simulator Review: Hilariously Awkward Simulator

Hand Simulator is an extremely hardcore game that was developed to provide you with the experience of manipulating virtual arms in various conditions. There are various missions that were designed to challenge your patience and accuracy. Surprisingly, this small indie Hand Simulator downloading is available not only for a standard PC setup but also for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality systems.

Hand Simulator Gameplay: 5/5

The idea of hardcore human hands simulator is not really new. There were some popular games of such a “genre”, such as Surgeon Simulator and perhaps Octodad. However, developers from HFM Games did their best to make all levels of their creation as different and challenging as possible. In fact, the vast majority of levels was invented by users. Game designers communicate with gamers every day to filtrate the best ideas and design new levels. The current version includes Mexican duels, surgeon simulator, warfare, bomb deactivation, fishing, milking, shooting range practice, pool, checkers, Jenga, a mini-game with spinners and many more levels. Each level requires the participation of two and more players. Some tasks require cooperation, while others expect you to be the fastest gunner who can manage to shoot everyone. The result of any mission is absolutely unpredictable due to difficult controls.

Hand Simulator Graphics: 4/5

Hand Simulator is based on the popular Unity 3D graphical engine, so it looks good enough for an indie project with a medium budget. Lights and shades are quite realistic, but textures are too blurry in some places. Characters are rather realistic, but they don’t have any face animation, so they look quite creepy. It’s not fair to blame graphics in this Hand Simulator review, because this title was made only for fun.

Hand Simulator Sounds: 3.5/5

There is no music in this game. You can hear only plain sounds of weapons, steps, and explosions. The absence of music is quite comfortable for the multiplayer mode but may appear quite frustrating in single player, so it’s advisable to play your own background music.

Controls: 4/5

Controls in Hand Simulator are awful. It’s very difficult to coordinate both hands to grab things, to shoot and to move something carefully. This feature is great, because all the fun comes from clumsy situations and failures.

Replay Value: 5/5

Hand Simulator is a great game for parties and friendly online gatherings. It includes about 40 missions, and developers add new locations and objectives almost every month. It’s impossible to complete a level the same way for two times, because of randomness.

In Conclusion

Hand Simulator game is based on the old idea of clumsy hand simulation, but developers from HFM came up with an idea of endless updating of their game. You can easily become the next author of the next level. Just invent a funny setting for multiplayer and post your idea to developers!


With Hand Simulator downloading you get a unique game for multiplayer parties. The variety of levels and mini-games is astonishing!.

Pros : Endlessly fun multiplayer;
A wide range of levels;
Awkward controls;
It’s very cheap.

Cons : It lacks background music;
It’s played by many Steam card hunters.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5


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