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Job Simulator Review: Making the Dull Exciting

Job Simulator is a fun and whimsical VR simulator game that takes you to the year 2050 where robots deal with all the jobs that used to be done by humans. Nine-to-five jobs no longer rule this new reality. Robots do the cooking, cleaning and generally organize the surroundings with ease and perfection. People raised in this ideal robot-fueled world must remember their history. That’s why JobBot was born. JobBot built Job Simulator to teach us, humans, what doing a job means.

While playing the Job Simulator game, you will take various seemingly menial tasks doing the jobs of an office worker, a car repairman, a cook etc. while having lots of fun along the way. You will enjoy the game’s humor and experiment with various tools available to complete your tasks. You can purchase and download Job Simulator for PC and PlayStation 4. April 2016 is the official PC-oriented game release date. This Job Simulator review was written to give you a general idea of the game as well as to reveal its pros and cons.

Job Simulator Gameplay 5/5

Job Simulator gameplay is focused on four types of jobs: office worker, car repairman, chef and store clerk. All these jobs come with the same setup. You work from a hidden location (your office cubicle, etc.) and have lots of objects around you that are necessary to complete your tasks. Generally, the gameplay is very entertaining and manages to make having a job seem very fun. Thanks to the developers’ smart approach to their product’s concept, while playing the Job Simulator full game, you get to turn something seemingly dull into something really exciting.

Job Simulator Graphics 4/5

Even though the graphics are not the strongest side of Job Simulator, the game boasts excellent visuals for its concept. It takes the toon graphics and blocky elements and simply has lots of fun with them. The game is fun-looking and colorful.

Job Simulator Sounds 5/5

The sounds of the Job Simulator game are as hilarious at times as the gameplay itself. The robot voices are slow and flat, just like you would naturally expect them to be. In other words, Job Simulator sounds are beautifully integrated with the overall gaming environment.

Controls 5/5

While playing the Job Simulator game, you will notice that it skilfully mixes great object interaction with astonishingly intuitive controls. Even your kid can start the game and play it without any extra help. It really is that easy!

Replay Value 3/5

Even though the game is super fun, its replay value is not too high. Yes, you can take advantage of its Infinite Overtime mode and get back to the already-experienced levels from time to time. But the chances are high that you will get bored quite easily. Perhaps its replay value will increase if the developers decide to expand the gameplay with extra jobs and features. So far, the most recent Job Simulator update dates back to 2017.

Cutting to the Chase

Job Simulator is more than just a quirky and hilarious game to indulge in for a quick laugh. It’s also a great gaming experience if you want to show your friends the basics of virtual reality for the very first time.


With its various modifications and appealing opportunities, the Job Simulator game sets the stage for some really hilarious tasks to be dealt with at work. If you are fond of these types of VR games, feel free to purchase and download Job Simulator - itā€™s definitely worth a try!.

Pros : Fun and immersive;
Intuitive controls;
Excellent humor;
Perfect for a family or VR parties;

Cons : Ingame bugs;
May seem short;
Low replay value.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3


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