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Planet Coaster Review: Unique Constructor of Amusement Parks

Planet Coaster is a simulator of theme park construction by Frontier Developments. In this game, you can experience a step-by-step building of a unique amusement park and realistic simulation of economic aspects of the whole process. You are allowed to play as an architect, an accountant, and a manager. You can download Planet Coaster for your Windows PC exclusively on Steam store.

Planet Coaster Gameplay: 5/5

Planet Coaster gameplay is a realistic simulation of an amusement park ecosystem. You can create a park with roller-coasters, flying towers, carousels, cafes, and other necessary facilities. The game allows you to experience the full cycle of designing and constructing rides and utility buildings along with controlling economics. There is no way to lose the game, but you can make progress with a different tempo. It depends on the logic of your building process.

The more various fairs you build, the more visitors come to visit your park. As a result, your revenue eventually grows and allows you to construct more attractions. You should always consider the capacity of a facility to build an appropriate utility building. For example, if a cashier can sell tickets to 100 visitors per hour, and the facility capacity equals 200 people per hour, you must hire one more cashier and add a workplace. Similarly, when the number of visitors grows, you have to install more restrooms and food spots.

Planet Coaster Graphics: 5/5

Planet Coaster game is designed with the proprietary Cobra graphical engine created by Frontier Developments. The game looks very similar to The Sims series but presents much more realistic dynamic lighting and shading. The world is very detailed even from the 1st person perspective.

Planet Coaster Sounds: 5/5

Planet Coaster latest version presents a qualitative adaptive soundtrack written by famous TV composer Jim Guthrie. You are also allowed to upload your MP3 tracks to use in different areas of your park. The soundscape of the game is very realistic.

Controls: 4.5/5

This game requires a standard PC keyboard-plus-mouse setup. It’s very convenient to navigate through thousands of objects for building using a mouse. You can also type the names of details to find them faster is the construction browser. The test of a gamepad layout for this Planet Coaster review revealed that the game isn’t optimized for this type of input.

Replay Value: 5/5

Planet Coaster full game allows you to create large amusement parks. There are no limitations to their size and types of terrain, so you can create absolutely everything your imagination can produce and ride it!

In Conclusion

Planet Coaster is a perfect long-playing simulator of amusement park constructing and management. You can create an unlimited number of attractions and create a balanced economic system to produce huge revenue. After finishing your park, invite your friends and test attractions together.


Download Planet Coaster to experience the biggest game of constructing unique amusement parks and managing their work..

Pros : Excellent Cobra Engine graphics;
Unlimited options for designing roller coasters;
Realistic park management system.

Cons : No coop building mode;
Too much micromanagement.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9


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