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Risk Review: A Board Legend on Your Screens

The Risk game is an electronic adaptation of the famous board game. It’s a real veteran among the desktop games since it was invented and released back in the 50s of the XX century. For now, I‘d like to give you a quick look at the modern adaptation in this Risk review.

Risk Gameplay: 5/5

If you have ever played the Risk board game, the rules are still the same, so the gameplay either stays the same. The action takes place on the political map of the world including its 6 parts: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Your main task is to conquer all of them.

To do that, you have to allocate your army to the unconquered regions, declare war on neighboring properties, and attempt to set the ultimate influence on your rivals. You can either go for all-out war against a rival which causes an instant win or fights turn-by-turn with rolls of the dice. Each turn has three phases:

  • Deployment
  • Battle
  • Fortification.

Even though the battle phase sounds like the most important of them, experienced Risk players know that fortifying to hold the captured area is probably the hardest one.

At the beginning of each turn, you get a certain number of soldiers. The quantity depends on several factors:

  • Amount of conquered territories;
  • A number of conquered continents;
  • Cards exchanged.

Also, the harder it is to keep the conquered area, the more troops you get at the beginning of the next turn.

As long as the board game provides players moves by rolling the dice, its modernized version has the same mechanics. It can’t be called a real strategy since this is a game of chance, but it only adds passion and desire to test your fortune.

Risk Graphics: 4/5

The visual fulfillment of the game is nice, but it’s quite glitchy. There are many users reported about various errors. The most spread one is screen resolution. However, despite these flaws, the graphics look nice, when everything works properly.

Risk Sounds: 5/5

The sounds of the game aren‘t distracting, and that‘s already a huge advantage. However, it can be muted if it’s needed.

Controls: 5/5

Risk game controls are easy to learn and get used to. The game uses several keys including arrows and mouse buttons.

Replay Value: 4/5

Like any cool board game, the Risk game will be a cool companion on family gatherings or parties. However, you can try single-player mode which is quite satisfying too.

In Conclusion

The game of world domination is amazing by default. I mean, this is a strategy based on conquering the whole world. What can spoil it? I love both versions of the Risk game. It makes your brain work, and it’s fun at the same time. Although, I believe that any game brought from board to the screens is a great thing, and this one fulfills this opinion best.


The Risk game is a strategy that makes you think while you enjoy it. Download and install Risk game to try a cool modernized version of a legendary board game..

Pros : Amazing gameplay adaptation;
Nice graphics;
Can become a cause for a family gathering.

Cons : No network multiplayer mode;
Glitchy on Windows 10.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5


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